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Welcome to our FARM!
We raise and offer for sale to loving forever homes two beautiful breeds of
dogs that fit well with our lifestyle and farm needs.

German Shepherd is a large, intelligent, protective and very versatile
dog used by police, search and rescue, seeing eye, and as a loyal and
protective family companion. Our bloodlines are
top quality and we breed
for the "TOTAL" German Shepherd, capable of a variety of tasks but with a
fun and loving temperament in a dog that also has natural instinct to give your
family the protection you should have with a GSD in your home. If you want a
truly exceptional companion/guardian/show or competition prospect, then
look no further than a
Von Shap Haus German Shepherd!

For those who desire a fun and devoted watch dog in a smaller package:

Shetland Sheepdog is a medium size breed that excels in agility and
obedience. A wonderful and devoted family companion, the sheltie is a fun
children's dog that also is an excellent watchdog. Both the sheltie and the
GSD are members of the herding group. NOTE:  
We have no Shelties
available at this time as we are growing our breeding
program...however, we can provide referals to other reputable
All of our breedings are carefully planned with the betterment of the breed in
Temperament, Health, and Conformation always in mind. Puppies available
once or twice a year and adults occasionally.
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Bodey (Brutus) is available for stud to
approved bitches. See his page for more
Click here
A Sadie/Bo female pup-
Sadie will be bred in
January- wait list started
Visit our facebook for
more pictures and to
see updates of
puppies that are now
in their forever homes:
von shap german
visit our facebook page to
see more pictures and
posts from our puppy
owners! page:
von shap german
Stella-Bo puppies due January
18th. Extra large black and reds
some long coats
expected.Accepting wait list
reservations for this litter now.