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Furever Foster Program

Von Shap Furever Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in our Furever Fosters Program! Each year we select a few special families to love, raise and care for our chosen breeding prospect puppies. As a Furever Foster you will have a special von shap puppy placed with you that will be yours to keep according to our breeding contract. You will be responsible for all normal routine veterinary care, feeding, socialization, etc as expected for a pet. Von Shap will be responsible for costs associated with your puppy’s breeding soundness including any xrays or genetic testing as well as costs related to Breeding and Whelping.

Your Puppy will live with you its entire life, only coming to our kennel for the purposes of breeding and whelping, and/or training/showing and then returning to you.

Fosters of males must have him available as needed and can expect their male to be at our kennel from 4-7 days when breeding a female.

Fosters of females can expect their girl to have one litter each year . The female will be at Von Shap for breeding then return to her foster until one week prior to whelping at which time she will come to Von Shap and be housed in the puppy nursery. She will stay with her pups until weaning, about 6-7 weeks. Fosters are welcome to come and see their female at any time and can assist in training and socializing the puppies. Many of our fosters truly enjoy this experience.

In addition, fosters of our females enjoy a money bonus from each litter she has during her time in our breeding program.

Please complete the form below so that we can see if you would be a good fit for our program. This will also help us to match you up with an appropriate puppy.

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  • Furever Foster Program Application