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Available Pups

This is a list of puppies that are still available

*As litters are born, any non reserved/Available pups will be posted here.*

(Our waitlist for each litter is posted on the Reserve a Pup page below the application.)

We have the following openings on our waitlist:

Our Next litters will be:

Nova/Kaedo born July 28th *Sold Out*

Nova is a very large and calm girl Daughter of Ruger and Mira. Kaedo is UK import lines beautiful black and silver. Puppies will be large to xlarge, great temperaments, black and silvers and solid whites. Mostly short coat. Repeat litter.

The Boys -7 weeks

u.2.Blitterblackcollarmale (2).jpgu.2.blitterbluecolarboy.jpgu.2.blitterlcblksilvermale.jpgu.2.blitterredcollarmale (2).jpg

The Girls- 7 weeks

u.2.blitterblksilverfemaleyellowcollar (2).jpgu.2.blitterLCsikverblackfemale.jpgu.2.Blitteryellowcollargirl7weeksold.jpgu.2.blitterpinkcollargirl.jpgu.2.BlitterPurplecollargirl7weeksold.jpgu.2.blittertancollargirl.jpg


Ocean/BOONE born 8/31 This litter is SOLD OUT

Repeat litter. These will be large solid blue, blue and tan, black and tan, Solid black. Mix of coat lengths. traditional colors 1500. Blue pups 1800-up. Beautiful large pups.

The Boys-2 Weeks


The Girls-2 Weeks


u.2.3D26EC05-7DE3-481A-9046-7F943621BF76.jpegFinally Brandi/Barron (UK import pictured above, carries blue) Due October 17, pups ready mid December. One male spot open. Check back mid October for any available puppies

This will be a litter of all sables. Mix of coat lengths. Silvers 1800, Blues 2000-2500

A small deposit will reserve a spot on our waitlist for a puppy from these litters.

2021 Litters

Mystic/Ruger- @ January (Pups ready March)

Very large Black and Tans all short coats

Mieke/Shasta @ February pups ready April(import male) Owned By C Reynolds Exclusive lines, no breeders please.

Pet Price 1800 Females, 2000 males

Long coats black and tans, black and reds.

Nahla/Bloo- @ March. blues and isabella. Liver possible. All short coat 1800-2500

*A few open spots available*

Lacey/Kaedo (import)- Silver Sables and solid whites. Mix of coat lengths *waitlist has been started*

Moto/Boone- solid blacks, Black and Tans, mix of coat lengths. Moto is a Bo daughter

Mocha/Bloo- Blues, livers, isabella mix of coat lengths