These Are Real People

Real people talking about the benefits of owning a Von Shap Shepherd.

Oh my Laverne, today is the 4th day we been in North Carolina and every day there has been 2-4 people stopping us when we walk the dogs asking us to take a picture of Kora. They tell us how beautiful she is and they love her eyes and haven't seen one of her color's. Just wanted to share that Kora has been the talk of Ocean Isle Beach. Most popular dog. thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs... proud to own one of your pups!!

Branstein Family

Hey Laverne just want to send you a update on Blitzcrank (solid blue female from the most recent Nahla/Bloo litter) Blitz is the best girl! She has such a sweet disposition! We get many compliments on her disposition/behavior. Blitz just finished her second training class, she is so smart. We plan on getting her canine good citizen. Blitz is growing so fast and loves her big sister! Thank you so much! Shes the best dog!

Judy Allison

Laverne has the very best of lines in her breeding program. She is a very passionate breeder and will go out of her way to help you in anyway. Cherokee is our furkid, he turned 3 yrs old in Dec. Mira/Rugar pup. Couldn't ask for a better Shepard.

Jackie Hupp

Love our Pepper girl..... Lavern has a wealth of information, and is excellent with her support in helping you with the transition into becoming an excellent puppy parent! Love Von Shap Kennels !

Dianne Richardson

Laverne we wanted to let you know that Lexi is, by far the cutest, smartest dog we have ever owned. Everyone loves her and she trains so easily. It is definitely worth it to get your new puppy at a reputable, established breeder like Von Shap Haus.

Adams Family

Hi Laverne. This is Valorie Adams. I thought you'd enjoy seeing how protective Chief is around my 6 month old grandson. Chief will lay right there until Hudson wakes. But he is so smart and obedient you really have to watch yourself. He is so protective of me too. If a non family member is here and I'm talking to them, even the Schwann's man who is here very often, he lays between me and that person. He is so protective but in a gentle way. We just love him and are so happy we bought him from you.

Honorable Thomas D Wilson.

Bear accompanies his owner to Court and “ he has been great with everyone at the courthouse and deters anyone thinking of causing problems”

Welch Family

We just weighed Ruger and he is 83 lbs at 7  months old. His temperment is great! We have him around other folks and they ca't believe how well-behaved he is. He never runs off and is just so calm. He absolutely loves the grandkids and he thinks he is one of them.

Dodie Bradshaw

Mally is a wonderfully happy girl. You certainly know how to breed beautiful Shepherds.

M. Border

Maez is getting so big and just passed her Star Puppy test. She's a sweet dog that's good with kids dogs, and other animals who loves to train and do agility obstacles. I eventually want her to be a therapy dog so I can take her to nursing homes. I don't think her fantastic temperament could be found anywhere except in a Von Shap dog!

L. Schmidt

Hello! Chief just had his 6th birthday in January. He looks so much like his beautiful daddy Bo. He always sleeps on the couch with our grandchildren or on the floor beside them. Such a great family dog!

Kerry Family

Abby is such a beautiful pup! Her personality is a hoot. She is such a sweetheart, we just love her so much!

S. Goodman

It's been 1 year since I adopted my girl Riley and she is the best of the best. Thank you for her.

Emigh Family

Hi, Laverne. Here's a picture of my Charlie girl from this morning. She goes to work with me daily and our customers love her. She is a great girl and we love her dearly!!