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Von Shap Males

A Descriptive Showcase of Our Von Shap Males.

More information about each dog can be accessed by clicking on their image in the Showcase above or by scrolling down.

The German Shepherd is a large, intelligent, protective, and very versatile dog used by Police, Search and Rescue, Seeing Eye, and as a loyal and protective family companion. Our bloodlines are Top Quality and we breed for the "Total" German Shepherd capable of a variety of tasks. They have a fun and loving temperment paired with the natural instinct to give your family the protection you should have with a German Shepherd in your home. If you want a truly exceptional companion/guardian/show/competition prospect then look no farther than a Von Shap Haus German Shepherd.

Aspen Acre Ruger Von Der Shap


Ruger is an xlarge long coat Canadian import whose pedigree includes some phenomenal working lines.

He is a lean 120 lbs with massive bone and a big thick head.

Ruger is our Gentle Giant. Sweet, Calm and Gentle in nature but also an excellent guardian. Ruger is OFA Good hips, DM clear.

Ruger is Embark DNA tested clear of all genetic disease. He carries the white and recessive black genes.




Von Shap Haus Back in Black

Fostered by the Jones family

Nicknamed Boone, this is our beautiful solid black long coat.

Boone carries the Blue color gene. He is very calm, confident in nature, naturally protective and the constant guardian and companion of “his” 4 year old boy.

Shown 1x fall of 2018, he easily won his class and the Best of Breed award. Boone is around 90+ lbs. OFA Good and DM clear.

Embark tested clear of over 170 genetic diseases. Carries the Maskless gene.



Mr. Bankz Von Der Shap Haus

Fostered by the Decker family.

Bankz is a gorgeous long coat son of Bo and Lexus. He is a medium energy boy who loves to swim and hike with his family.

Bankz is outgoing, confident and a great watchdog for his family.

Big boned and has a wide head. Weight about a lean 100 lbs. OFA Excellent hips, Elbows, DM clear.

Watch video of Mr. Bankz in action.


Von Shap’s Son of a Gun

Owned by the Thoburn family.

This boy, nicknamed Ruger Jr., is a son of Ruger and Mira.

He is a Giant, Fluffy Polar bear of a dog that turns heads everywhere he goes. He is calm and sweet, great with people and other dogs.

He has massive bone and his daddy's thick wide head. Weight is 115. He is OFA Excellent Hips, Elbows, DM clear by parentage.

SOAG is Embark DNA tested clear of all genetic disease. He carries the Liver(chocolate) gene and recessive black.




Dozer is a huge boy weighing 100 lbs at 10 months of age. He is a playful and loving boy. Dozer is Pennhip/OFA hips and elbows and Embark DNA tested clear of all genetic diseases. He carries the blue gene and recessive black.



Lawries Brutus Von Der Shap Haus


Very large plush coat Canadian import 130 lbs. Bo is a foundation stud in our breeding program.

Extremely intelligent, big bone and head. Bo is a conformation Grandchampion and has his Temperament Test Certification.

Bo is OFA certified Good Hips, Elbows, Eyes and DM clear.



Bellevues Magique Kaedo Von Shap Haus

Fostered by the Groves family

Kaedo is a breathtaking beautiful black and silver male whose sire is Bailotts Oswald in the U.K.

He has a very straight back, good bone, and as a young dog is showing great promise in our breeding program.

OFA Good hips, elbows, DM tested.



Once In A Blue Moon - (Bloo)

Fostered by the Ramsay family

Bloo is a solid blue longcoat that carries for liver.

He is a young dog in our breeding program showing great promise. He has thick bone and head and an excellent disposition.

He is OFA hips, elbows, heart and thyroid. He is Embark DNA tested clear of over 180 genetic health conditions.



Standards Of Excellence.

These are the Standards that sets Von Shap apart from the rest. Our philosophy is a Sound mind in a Sound body.

We specialize in AKC large and XL pups from import and old fashioned style lines. We have assembled genetics from some of the top breeding programs from all over the world. With strict breeding criteria such as size (we prefer a larger shepherd) temperament ( a confident dog who is protective and loyal) and health ( researching back generations in a pedigree to rule out any health defects) you can say that we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our puppies are from the best of the best. Because we hold Health and temperament in the highest of regard, our dogs must be temperamentally sound and health tested prior to breeding. We have and appreciate all colors of the Shepherd including black and red, black and tan, sable, solid black, black and silver, solid white, cream and the unusual and beautiful colors of blue, liver (chocolate), Fawn, and occasionally the rare Seal pattern and Isabella color.


We at a bare minimum test for genetic Hip Dysplasia and Degenerative Myelitis. Recently we have broadened our health testing to include OFA elbows, Cardiac (Heart), Thyroid, and Embark which is the worlds most comprehensive DNA test for canines screening for over 180 genetic diseases.

Beauty in Motion

At Von Shap, our desire is to produce a beautiful companion with healthy conformation. Although we do show some of our dogs in conformation, we DO NOT breed for extreme angulation as seen in the AKC show ring. This body style is a gross distortion of the dog's natural and healthy angulation, and the judges and breeders that promote it are doing this great breed a terrible injustice.

The German Shepherd was meant to be a breed capable of many jobs and should have the body style and stamina to be competent in Search and Rescue, Obedience, Tracking, Herding, etc.


Great Family Companions

Our dogs are NOT HIGH DRIVE.

We breed for a moderate activity level and calmer disposition, ensuring your German Shepherd has the willingness and ability to be as active as you want him/her to be without the constant need to be engaged or worked. Your Von Shap German Shepherd will be just as happy snuggling on the couch with you as they will be hiking, playing fetch, or running with you on your morning jog.We breed for a moderate activity level and calmer disposition, ensuring your German Shepherd has the willingness and ability to be as active as you want him/her to be without the constant need to be engaged or worked. Your Von Shap German Shepherd will be just as happy snuggling on the couch with you as they will be hiking, playing fetch, or running with you on your morning jog.

Many of the German Working lines are extremely high drive, requiring a great deal of training and constant supervision to keep the minds and bodies of these dogs happy and healthy. These dogs make great police dogs but are not a good choice for the average family.

How we raise our Puppies

Producing sound, healthy, beautiful German Shepherds is our passion! Our Puppies are born in the Puppy Nursery which is a climate controlled building with 24 hour video surveillance. Puppies are handled daily and exposed to many sights and smells including vacuum cleaners, radio, television, and socialization visits from friends and family and our own loving pack members as they grow. Puppies are at first paper trained, then litter trained, and finally trained to utilize a dog door so by the time they are ready for their new homes they are accustomed to going outside to potty. This makes the transition from puppy nursery to home and housebreaking so much easier. We have dairy goats and puppies are given the benefit of raw goat milk and raw venison as their first solid food. We gradually transition them to victor kibble and nuvet plus immune support and vitamin powder. By the time they are 5 weeks old they are usually eating free choice softened kibble and mommy is in the process of weaning her little piranhas. We will have had visits from a select group of children and people and our friendly pack members. Weather permitting, we will also have puppy field trips to the great outdoors so they can explore and play in our special Puppy Discovery Zone. This area has obstacles and different things to stimulate the curiosity and cognitive development of the puppies. Mommy will completely wean pups by 6-7 weeks of age, and this is at her schedule. We allow her to accomplish this by giving her access to a separate area she can get into without the pups. She will gradually nurse them less and less.  Mommy will be relieved of her parental duties by 7 weeks of age and the last week is a busy time with temperament testing, first shots, vet check, microchip and puppy aptitude test. Whew! Finally, at 8 weeks our puppies are ready to meet their new familes and leave for their new homes.Puppy selection and pick up will be on the same day with appointments scheduled in the order of deposits received on the litter.