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Von Shap Hall OF Fame

These are some of our past stars.

The following is a list of dogs that have either retired or have moved on to Doggie Heaven.

All of these dogs were used in our breeding programs and display the quality that we require to make them part of the Von Shap family

This page is dedicated to the German Shepherds whose lives have not only been a phenomenal part of our breeding program but who brought much love and joy to our lives over the years. Some are still with us enjoying life retired as a pampered pet and some have crossed the rainbow bridge. Gone but forever in our hearts.


This boy has my heart. He was imported from Canada as a pup. He is a big dog, 135 lbs, and his courage and loyalty are unmatched. When he was just a 3 month old puppy my husband and I took him fishing with us, and he swam accross a large pond to get to my side. I was so afraid he would drown as he was faltering by the time he made it to the other side, that I jumped in the last few steps to pull him from the water. That day was a hint at what was to come. He is my staunch defender, always at my side or a few steps away. So incredibly smart, taught himself to open doors, kennel cages, crates, etc so its been a job to outsmart him and keep him contained! Sadly, he developed a prostrate issue at age 7 and had to be nuetered. Thankfully we had already kept a few of his kids for our breeding program and today we have great grandkids from this guy now coming of age. He is a UKC GCH, easily earning his title, and also spent a short time in the AKC ring earning 6 championship points. The AKC ring does not favor dogs of his large build and moderate (healthy) angulation so I really enjoyed showing folks what a beautiful healthy German Shepherd was supposed to look like! We didnt win often but there were many people who came up to me at the shows and told me how thrilled they were to see a dog of his build and character in the ring. He is the King of his domain, the peacekeeper and deals out discipline to unruly pack members when necessary. Greeter of everyone and anyone, gentle and kind to children. I am so truly blessed to have this special dog in my life and his progeny in my breeding program.

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Coal was our first all black Shepherd. He grew up with our boys, and our youngest spent time showing him in 4-H. He was a very calm shepherd, and our first experience with a GSD that was not very driven. He was my husbands heart dog, and went everywhere with him until work called him away from the family. Coal was an alpha and as such could be a little difficult. We were always reminding him of the pack order and NILF (nothing in life is free).It was because of his dominant tendancies that we had him nuetered after only siring one litter. He was so possessive over the females in heat that it was impossible to safely work with him and I just couldnt have that mannerism in a stud dog. Coal loved to go to the creek and swim and ride in the back of the buggy or truck. The summer he turned 14 he was having a hard time getting around and it was evident his old body was getting tired. We took him for one last trip to the creek, then a campfire (he always loved to lay with us out by the fire at night) and our friends and family all stopped over to say goodbye. The next day we had him put to sleep. He went peacefully. Rest in peace old friend. We will always love you.




Stella, a gorgeous black and red girl, was one of the most laid back shepherds Ive ever seen. Very calm, gentle in nature, she threw that gorgeous red color into her puppies. We were fortunate to have two of her daughters with Bo go into our breeding program, Mercedes and Ellie. Mercedes is now also retired and Ellie will be retiring soon. Her grandaughter Arya is currently a momma in our breeding program and many of her puppies have great grandmas rich red and black colors. Other up and coming progeny include Mieke and Blaze

u.2.Stella Stand1.jpg


This girl is a huge solid white female that blessed us with some beautiful and enormous puppies before we had to retire her. She weighs 110 lbs and was a sweet, silly happy girl that loved to swim in the creeks near our house. Her lines are the old fashioned style shepherd. She is retired and living large with her new owner now. We have two of her progeny in our breeding program, both sired by Ruger: Nova, and Son of a Gun



A beautiful strawberry blonde daughter of Stella and Bo, Mercedes blessed us with several litters of pups before we officially retired her in 2020. She was a very protective mother to her pups, and a formidable guardian of her property. We are happy to have two of her progeny in our breeding program, Arya (Mercedes/Ruger) and Mieke (Mercedes/SOAG) and one grandaughter, Ryder (Arya/Boone).Ryder will join our breeding program late 2021



Sascha was our first East German DDR line dog. Tough as nails, and bounce off the wall drive. She Taught us the meaning of the term "HIGH DRIVE" lol. She did not have an off button and she did not have a play function. She was all serious, all the time. She bonded with our oldest son, who was a teenager at the time, and he took her everywhere with him. When he joined the Army, she went with him to his USA duty station after he returned from a tour of duty overseas, and never left his side until he she was lost suddenly at 10 years of age, to Bloat. It came on suddenly and she couldnt be saved.

My son was distraught at losing his best friend and protector. Fortunately, we were able to aquire a great grandaughter as we had done some breeders trades with one of her puppies years ago and so her line was not lost. The puppy is named Roxy. She is now my sons new family protector and companion. Look for her to join our breeding line up summer of 2021.




Lexus is a big gorgeous longcoat who has old fashioned lines and some import German lines on her grandfathers side. She is a excellent protector and has a fun, confident and playful nauture. Her progeny in our breeding program are Moto and Mr. Bankz, both sired by Bo. She is retired and living with her daughter Moto at the Benedicts Farm. Every night she gives her daughter a good tongue bath and is such a sweet loving girl.